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There is a total limited quantity of 30 black paint and 5 silver parts. Each handle is assembled with love from the moment you place your order.


Please expect some preparation delay time before shipping. This is a one man business and I want to make sure quality is there! If you need a delay estimation, please contact me. Thanks a lot for your support!


This handle is made from solid 6061 aluminium, for all of your adventures and is featured with the following functions:


  • Compatible with each and every Leica M10 variation body*. This includes the Leica M10, M10-P, M10-D, M10-R, M10-monochrom.
  • An extra hidden slot will allow you to store an extra SD card inside the handle.
  • Quick-access hinged door that allows you to remove your battery and SD card while leaving your grip attached to the camera.
  • Tripod quick lock rail (ARCA standard) and standard 1/4" screw are present to ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Beautiful aesthetics that won't ruin your beautiful Leica slim line! It actually replaces the original Leica baseplate. The black and silver anodizing have been made to get very close to the original finish.
  • A grippy profile that will let you hold your camera with only two fingers.


Availaible finishes :

  • Black paint** or Silver anodized body. Dark ebony wooden handle.


Shipping can be very severly impacted by covid or other exceptional events, depending on your country. Please check you postal service situation with your local customs service to know the current situation before placing your order. I cannot be held responsible if your parcel gets stuck because of covid or other exceptional event, for long periods. 


Payments with American Express may not work, please prefer using Visa / Mastercard cards. If you encounter repetitive payment issues with credit / debit card, please send me an email, we will find a solution:


*: When using the following old goggled lenses, you will have to remove the grip for mounting and unmounting the lens because the goggles will interfere with the grip area: Summaron 35mm f2.8 with goggles, Summicron 35mm f2 with goggles, Elmarit 135mm f2.8 with goggles.


**: Glossy Black Paint is a completely manual process. This can lead to small cosmetical imperfections. 

  • Product designed by Vincent Bihler and assembled in France.

Out of stock.
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