The best film Leica Grip

No compromise

for your camera

 Available in limited quantities!


Extra battery


Always wear a few extra bateries with you. Very useful when you travel a lot!

Arca tripod


 Always wanted to mount your dear Leica on an Arca trip head? There you go... And we even let the standard old fashioned 1/4" screw mount. 

Extra wrist

strap lug

 Stop fiddling with these annoying strap lugs. We added a new one on your camera at the bottom of it to be way more convenient for any wrist strap.

Sleek and refined


 You don't like cubism and brutalism? Well this handle is for you. It 100% matches the original Leica camera lines, adding a touch more refinment with precious woods.

Trusted by:


Designed from an 

actual need.

 The initial idea was to have a grip that would follow me on a three months trip around Europe. I wanted to have something that could allow me to both protect my camera and make it more stable. The bonus would be to integrate a small battery compartment to have some spares in case they suddently dies in the middle of nowhere...


“It’s slim, but robust and significantly improves handling imo. For anyone looking to add a grip to their M camera, don’t think twice.”


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