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The best accessories for your camera.

No compromise

for your camera

Available in limited quantities!


Extra smart


We thought a simple grip is not enough.

The film grip allows you to store extra batteries with you.

The M10 version has an extra SD card slot and has a door for quick accessing your SD and battery.

Very useful when you travel a lot!

Arca tripod


Always wanted to mount your dear Leica on an Arca trip head? There you go... And we even let the standard old fashioned 1/4" screw mount. 

Strong and rugged


Every handle we do is made from solid aluminium 6061 generally used in aviation. 

Sleek and refined


This handle 100% matches the original Leica camera lines, adding a touch more refinement with its wooden touch.

Previous / current partnerships:

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Designed from an 

actual need.

The initial idea, late 2019, was to have a grip for my M6 that would follow me on a three months trip around Europe. I wanted to have something that could allow me to both protect my camera and make it more stable. The bonus would be to integrate a small battery compartment to have some spares in case they suddenly dies in the middle of nowhere...

The M10 version of this handle is an adaptation of the initial LMGRIP idea and uses the same great ergonomics while adding a door for a direct battery and SD card access.


“It’s slim, but robust and significantly improves handling imo. For anyone looking to add a grip to their M camera, don’t think twice.”

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